Welcome to the Wild Rivers Coast!

The Wild Rivers Coast Region stretches from Orick, California to Bandon, Oregon and is steeped in history with an enduring bond to the natural world upon which it has always relied.

Where the highest concentration of nationally designated Wild and Scenic rivers in the country wind through forests and the mountains to meet the crashing seas.

We invite you to come explore the region from mountain summits to the rugged sea stacks, where countless off-the-beaten path experiences await for any adventure on your list. Here you can enjoy year-round fishing, boating, cycling, golf, hiking, birding, wind surfing, beach going, and much more. Our landscapes are green. Our air is clean, and the temps are moderate all year. If the wind picks up, just bundle up– and experience some of the most dramatic storm watching on the west coast.

This is truly a place where you can enjoy yourself. Naturally.

If you are looking for lodging, restaurants, or more trip ideas, visit our partners…

Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon is leading the visitation and tourism industry in the United States. No matter what you are looking for or what you are looking to do, they have you covered! Neat Fact, through their Travel Oregon Forever Fund, the Redfish Rocks Community Team is receiving support to work with the Port of Port Orford and other partners to enhance and redesign a diver’s access point at the port!

Oregon Coast Visitors Association

The main marketing organization for the Oregon Coast. They know everything, and everyone. Visit there site for some wonderful options on lodging, dinning out, or other to spur on ideas for additional must do activities.

The Wild Rivers Coast Farm Trail

If you work up hunger from your day of adventure, try The Wild Rivers Coast Farm Trail that features 10 stops– farmers markets, farm stands, U-pick and specialty food sellers– from Bandon to Port Orford. Our local food producers include multi-generation farmers and recent start-ups: Jensen Blueberries is a century farm. Valley Flora co-owner Zoe Bradbury is a farmer and a published food writer. Wild Woods Farm offers handmade bath and body products along with edibles. Several stops serve ready-to-eat goodies. Before You Go, know that business hours and product availability vary. Be sure to check business websites or call ahead. Expect the earliest farm and garden harvest in May, with root vegetables and young greens. As the summer heats up, so does the market and U-pick scene. Local meats, seafood, and specialty goods are available all season. Farmers markets are credit card and debit card friendly. Payment options at farms and farm stands may be limited, so bring some cash.

Recreation Activities Map

Looking for more outdoor recreation activities along the Wild Rivers Coast? Check out our map of the most popular and also lesser known points of interest in the area!

A Round of Applause and a Pat on the Back

We would also like to give our local businesses, chambers of commerce, organizations, community champions, and all the supports out there a nod, and big Thank you! Over the past few years the communities from Bandon to Brookings have come together to work on projects to develop infrastructure, trails, maps, and much more, as one cohesive region. It has been amazing to witness, and take part in this collaboration.

Learn more about the inspiring work taking place in this Communities Powered by Travel: Wild Rivers Coast video.

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