Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: What activities are NOT allowed in the marine reserve?

A: In the reserve all extractive activities are prohibited; including fishing, crabbing, and other removal of living marine resources. ‘Disturbing’ activities such as ocean dumping, habitat degradation and mining are also prohibited.

Q: What activities are NOT allowed in the marine protected area?

A:  Salmon trolling and crabbing are allowed; all other extractive activities are prohibited.

Q : Can I beachcomb adjacent to the reserve?

A: Absolutely! You can walk, beachcomb, and harvest clams  . The boarder of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve begins at the lowest low tide point of the year. Community based efforts ensured that these activities would continue to be allowed.

Q: Is transiting through the reserve allowed?

A: Yes, as long as fishing gear is not deployed.

Q: Can I dive, surf or kayak in the reserve?

A Yes! Non-extractive activities such as diving, surfing, kayaking, and windsurfing are allowed.

Q: What are the anticipated benefits of having marine protection?

Answer: Potential benefits include:

  • Enhanced scientific under- standing through research and monitoring
  • Greater abundance of marine organisms
  • Protecting old growth age structure of rockfish
  • Larger average size of marine organisms
  • More variety of animals (biodiversity)
  • Enhanced larval production for local fisheries
  • Spillover of fish and other organismsEnhanced stability for local fisheries Economic
  • development through science and tourism
  • Increased educational opportunities for students, residents and visitor

For more information about Redfish Rocks and other Oregon marine reserves go to:

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