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Our Mission

Support the success of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve, Marine Protected Area, and the community, through supporting research, community engagement, economic development, and creating effective partnerships.

Advancing marine reserve implementation and strengthening our community.

  • Protecting the natural habitats, ecological services, and biological communities of Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area to enhance resilience of nearshore ecosystems to natural and human-caused effects.
  • Enhancing public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the marine environment, the land-sea connection, and the natural, historical and cultural resources of Redfish Rocks.
  • Supporting, promoting, and coordinating scientific research and long-term monitoring of Redfish Rocks.
  • Enhancing social and economic impacts on ocean users and the Port Orford community.

Developing Partnerships

The RRCT recognizes boundaries established by the natural world are just as important, if not more so, as political boundaries. The unique region where the RRCT performs its work is inextricably linked from the coastal mountain summits to sea stacks and to the Northern California Region by culture, geology, oceanography, and biology. The RRCT is developing plans to create strong relationships within the State of Oregon and across state boundaries to reinforce communications, work plans, and collaboration around education, research, and economic development.

Supporting Citizen Science, Collaborative Research, and Monitoring

Since 2010, the RRCT has been effective in supporting a number of successful pilot citizen science and research projects at the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. Based on the success of these pilot projects, and the positive response from supported researchers, the team is now focused on developing the capacity and resources needed to ensure its efforts are sustainable over the long-term. The team continues to explore opportunities to work with academic and research partners to prepare citizen science programs that will yield relevant data that will aid in meeting our Team’s vision.

Supporting Citizen Science, Collaborative Research, and Monitoring

The RRCT will soon be utilizing new office space at Battle Rock Visitor Center in Port Orford. Working at the visitor center will allow for new and unique opportunities to strategically engage visitors, the local community, and businesses through creating high-quality educational materials, visitor service programs, and economic development projects.
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