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Learn how you can help contribute to the health of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve

Everyone has the ability to be a steward for the environment.

The Redfish Rocks Community Team has many opportunities for people to take part in the preservation of our marine habitats. Whether it's helping to collect debris along the beach at Battle Rock or helping with public engagement, there are always ways that every day citizens can take part in projects that are both personally rewarding and beneficial to the environment.

Citizen Science

At the Redfish Rocks Community Team, citizen science is one of our specialties. Citizen science is members of the community coming together to assist in collecting data for research projects. Currently, the Redfish Rocks Community Team facilitates three citizen science projects with more to come!

Blue Water Task Force

The Blue Water Task Force is Surfrider Foundation's volunteer-run water quality monitoring program. Blue Water Task Force water testing programs measure bacteria levels at both marine and freshwater beaches and compare them to federal water quality standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect public health in recreational waters. The RRCT works with Surfrider, the local school district and the Port Orford community to take water quality samples at nine sites around Port Orford: Brush Creek, Retz Creek, Hubbard Creek, Battle Rock, Dog Beach, Garrison Beach, Elk River Mouth, Sixes River Mouth and Floras Lake Outlet.

Ocean Acidification Monitoring

Fundamental changes in seawater chemistry are occurring throughout the world's oceans. An increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere translates into rising acidity in the ocean environment. The Redfish Rocks Community Team partners with Dr. Francis Chan at Oregon State University to monitor changes in nearshore ocean chemistry. Working with volunteers and local high school students, the RRCT coordinates the pH sensor installation and swapping at regular intervals. Data from this study are used in Dr. Chan's research of Ocean Acidification in our region. 

Marine Debris Monitoring

As stewards of our local environment, the Redfish Rocks Community Team does our part to clean up! Once a quarter, we pick up trash along the Battle Rock beach and our adopted highway mile adjacent to the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. However, we combine this activity with citizen science by documenting marine debris as we clean the beach. We are currently experimenting with new technology to document debris using smartphone apps that automatically upload our data into global marine debris monitoring efforts. 

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