Our Strategic Plan

The Redfish Rocks Community Team (RRCT) was formed in 2009 to support community and stakeholder engagement with the state’s marine reserve designation process. On January 1, 2012, the regulations of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve went into effect with strong support and collaboration from a variety of interested partners.

Recognizing that there was much work to be done to achieve the goals and objectives set forth by both the State of Oregon and the local community for this special place, the RRCT has decided to continue its work into the future.  In 2014, the Redfish Rocks Community Team embarked on a year-long planning process to develop the attached strategic plan to guide our efforts into the future.

We are pleased to present the “Redfish Rocks Community Team Strategic Plan”. We invite you to read it, share it, and provide us any ideas or feedback on how we may advance this important work.


We greatly appreciate your interest and support and hope we can engage you as a partner at the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area.