Community Team Members

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Redfish Rocks Community Team Members and Staff


Dave Lacey (Chair) owns a guided kayak tours business, South Coast Tours LLC and does custom woodworking as Dave Lacey Woodworking.  His civic/volunteer efforts consist of participation in The Lower Rogue Watershed Council, Riley Creek school volunteer, the Curry Natural Resource Advisory Committee, Gold Beach Youth Soccer board/coach/referee and the 4H Surfrider Foundation Gold Beach Surf Club.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Recreational Fishing; Nonfishing Industry; Recreational Ocean User; Conservation

Chris Aiello (Vice Chair) has a BS in Buisness Management from NYU, 38 years experience as a commercial fishermen and in collaborative research and fisheries policy. He was involved in the process to design Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and has participated in collaborative research at the reserve.

Stakeholder Groups: Commercial Fishing, Research

Greg Ryder (Secretary) has many years experience working with natural resource management agencies; as well as, experience providing environmental and historical education through interpretive hike, walks, and talks.  In his spare time, he likes to be with his family and out recreational fishing or clamming.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Education, Recreational Fishing, Conservation

Tom Calvanese spent a couple of years working intermittently as a  commercial fisherman in the urchin industry. He is a graduate student at the University of Oregon and  conducted his thesis project locally on a Rockfish acoutstic telemetry project in the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. He is interested in identifying and implementing a research agenda that compliments the biological monitoring being carried out by ODFW.  Tom also serves the Port of Port Orford as Vice President of the Port Commission.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Commercial Fishing, Education, Recreational Ocean User, Recreational Ocean User, Marine/Avian Scientist

James Auborn is the current Mayor of Port Orford. He is a retired naval officer with a political and scientific background. He joined to the team to help with Economic and Community Development opportunities combined with a conservation ethic.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Local government

David Smith is a Curry County Commissioner, and an active member with various other civic organizations.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Local Government, Recreational Fishing, Commercial Fishing, Nonfishing Industry, Economic Development Specialist, Recreational Ocean User, Social Economist

Dick Vander Schaaf is the associate marine and coastal conservation director for The Nature Conservancy in Oregon and has worked in the conservation arena for over 25 years. His work with the Conservancy involves both active conservation and restoration activities as well as the promotion of cooperative projects along the Oregon coast that involve a variety of funding mechanisms as well as partner organizations, public agencies, institutions and individuals.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Conservation; Marine / Avian Scientist

Gary Anderson is a retired Port Manager of the Port of Port Orford and represents the interest of port users. He spent 28 years as a commercial fisherman and spent  ten years as the port management.  Garry serves as member of the Port Orford Rotary Club.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Local Government; Recreational Fishing; Commercial Fishing

Lyle Keeler is a retired commercial fisherman.  He fished the waters off of Port Orford for 43 years. He is a board member of the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team and was very involved with the Marine Reserve process.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Commercial Fishing; Conservation

Kelly Timchak serves as the Lower Rogue Watershed Council Coordinator.  Kelly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Southeast Missouri State University and a M.Sc in Fisheries from the University of New Brunswick (Canada). In her spare time she enjoys hiking, rafting, fishing, cooking, surfing, and traveling.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Bilogical Science and Research, Non-consumptive Recreation, Recreational Fishing, Watersheds

Terry Mock received a degree in Real Estate and Urban Land Studies from the University of Florida in 1972. From 1972 through today, Terry has developed a variety of pioneer residential, commercial, industrial and recreational land development projects which employed innovative sustainability technologies, including a specialty in native plant preservation and restoration techniques.  Terry started the first tree nursery cooperative in U.S. history, was elected to Board of Directors of the Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture, was appointed by the Governor’s Commission for a Sustainable South Florida to the Sustainable Agriculture Committee, co-founded the Florida Champion Tree Project, and was appointed as a founding Executive Board member of the USDA South Florida Community-Urban Resources Partnership.  Recently, he completed a three year term as Director of the International Society of Arboriculture and stepped down as the Founding Executive Director of the non-profit Champion Tree Project International to become certified in permaculture design, establish Tree of Life Sustainable Development and work with Sustainable Land Development Today magazine, as an Editorial Board Director and SLDT Newsletter Editor,is executive Director of Sustainable Land Development International and is developing a sustainable home and permaculture eco-forestry research, education, and recreational project overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the largest remaining old-growth forest on the southern Oregon coast.

Stakeholder Groups Represented:  Watersheds, Socioeconomics, Conservation

Mark Burnap has Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Resources from Oregon State University.  He has a background in commercial fishing and currently works with researchers and research vessels in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Commercial Fishing, Conservation, Research


Tyson Rasor is the Project Coordinator of the RRCT and is the only paid staff person.  He spent two years (2009-2011) living in Morocco volunteering with the United States Peace Corps as an Environmental Educator and helping to develop the capacities of fishermen to organize and do business.  In 2011-2012, he volunteered with the AmeriCorps and worked under the RARE program (Univ. Oregon), to perform water quality testing and event planning with the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team.  He is on the Planning Commission for the City of Port Orford.

Stakeholder Groups Represented: Local Government, Recreational Fishing, Recreational Ocean User, Conservation, Education